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Minced Lamb (500g)

Product Details

Bone Content: 10%

Proteins Included: Lamb

Free From Chicken: Yes

Free From All Poultry (Chicken, Duck & Turkey): Yes

Free From Offal (liver, kidney, spleen, brain, pancreas, testicles): No


Protein 12.4% / Fat 19.1% / Moisture 66.9% / Crude Fibre 0.3% / Ash 0.7%


Product Description 

Minced lamb which may include heart, lung, kidney, liver and lamb bone

Pack Size: 500g

A balanced raw meal containing 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. Includes 10% lamb bone. Offal may include lamb liver, lamb kidney or lamb heart. 


Minced Lamb (500g)


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